2016 Ranking

Ranking after event #8 – Freestyle Session




How is ranking counted?

For each of 10 Undisputed events, bboys and bgirls earn points.

Top 16 = 4 points
Top 8 = 6 points
Semis = 8 points
2nd place = 10 points
1st place = 14 points

At the end of the season, 10 champions of 10 Undisputed events advance to Undisputed World Bboy Masters to compete for the ultimate title. If one bboy wins more than 1 championship throughout the year, then the highest ranked runner up (not a champion) is added to the champions list to compete at the Undisputed World Bboy Masters. For example, in 2015 Victor won 3 events, so Kleju and Alkolil were added to the champions list as highest ranked runner ups.

Events ranking:
Silverback Open, Freestyle Session, Outbreak Europe & IBE & UK Champs – all bboys qualified –  highest rank
Unbreakable – 2 bboys qualified and 14 invited – second rank
Marseille Battle Pro – all bboys invited – third rank