About Undisputed World BBoy Series & Undisputed Masters

All elements of Hip Hop are built on competitiveness and none more so than Breaking aka B-Boying. Over the years Breaking has grown into an international scene and was presented at the Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The art of Breaking is practiced across every corner of the globe and attracts people who come to witness competition on an epic scale. A number of now iconic events were able to answer the demand, accommodating thousands of spectators and creating their own champions. 

The Undisputed World B-Boy Series is a combined effort of different events, which for many years all have produced their own accredited world champion. 

Events in the series:
– Battle Pro, France
– The Legits Winter Blast, Czech Republik
– Unbreakable, Belgium
– Outbreak Europe, Slovakia 
– The Notorious IBE, The Netherlands
– Green Panda, China 
– Silverback Open Championships, USA
– Battle of the Year, Germany
– Freestyle Session, USA
– Taipei B-Boy City, Taiwan
– R16, Korea

Undisputed Masters:
Since 2014 the champions of the events in the series meet in a Masters event called “Undisputed Masters”. After editions in London, Marseille, Prague and San Diego the Undisputed Masters V will take place in the city of Marrakech, Morocco on January 18-19, 2019.

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