B-Boy Kill the Unbreakable Champion

This past Saturday B-Boy Kill became the new 2017 Unbreakable Champion. In the Belgium city of Antwerp 16 B-Boys from 14 different countries battled for the Unbreakable Championship title and a spot at the Undisputed World B-Boy Masters in California early 2018.

The Jack and Jones Unbreakable Championship as the event is named in full featured a colorful competitors line up ranging from upcoming talents like Kid Karam from the UK and B-Boy Mey from Russia to experienced heavy hitters like Yosh from Japan, Ratin from Brasil, Drud & Lussy Sky from Ukraine, dr Hill from Mexico and Roxrite from the USA.

In the final many would have expected last year’s winner and defending champion Kuzya to once again take the title but instead it was B-Boy Kill who secured the win and took home the title.

Check out the recored live stream video to see how B-Boy Kill became the Jack and Jones Unbreakable Champion.


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