Battle of the Year

The Battle of the Year (BOTY) is the biggest Breaking competition in the world. As a B-Boy, it does not get much bigger than competing at the Battle of the Year finals. The competition has grown dramatically since the first event took place in Germany in 1990. After having the event in Montpellier, France for 3 years in front of a 13,000 people audience the event came back to Braunschweig, Germany in 2013. In 2014 the Battle of the Year celebrated it’s 25th anniversary. The BOTY is more then just a competition, offering a week-long festival of Hip Hop culture, featuring B-Girl Battles, a dance performance night at the theatre, workshops and parties. Highlight of the week festivities is the 1 vs 1 Battle, which is one the toughest in the world. 

Official Name event: Battle of the Year
Edition: 29th
Date: TBA
City: TBA
Country: TBA

Part of the Undisputed since 2014:
winner 2014: Alkolil – Russia
winner 2015: Menno – Holland
winner 2016: Bruce Almighty – Portugal
winner 2017: Onel – Greece

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