Bruce Almighty wins Battle of the Year

Bruce Almighty of Momentum crew from Portugal will join Prague’s finals of Undisputed after winning Battle of the Year.

More photos by Little Shao HERE


Check full ranking here:

Next up Freestyle Session (November 12). Check more information at

Current line up for Prague’s finals (January 28, 2017):
Soso (France) – 2016 Battle Pro Champ
Sunni (United Kingdom) – 2016 UK Champs
Kuzya (Ukraine) – 2016 Unbreakable and Outbreak EU Champ
Victor (USA) – 2016 IBE Champ
Thesis (USA) – 2016 Silverback Open Champ
Bruce Almighty (Portugal / Russia) – 2016 Battle of the Year Champ
????? – 2016 Freestyle Session Champ
????? – 2016 Red Bull BC One Champ
????? – 2016 Taipei Bboy City Champ
????? – Runner Up – highest in ranking (since Kuzya won 2 champs already) – as of now it would be Taisuke (Japan)

More info on Prague’s finals: