Cros One founder of Freestyle Session about the World BBoy Series

I grew up watching Battle Of The Year it was a great source of inspiration with crews such as Battle Squad, Enemy Squad, also seeing Stylelements Crew make the trip and take over the world. My first trip to Europe in 1999 was tagging along with the Rock Force Crew and the first event on that tour was at The Notorious IBE Fanpage. My connection to Korea is through my boys Cartel Creative(Johnjay Chon & Charlie Shin) promoters of the R16 since the late 90’s they brought up the Korean Bboy Scene they have always looked out for me. UK B-Boy Championships is another event that I watched when I was competitive as well and am honored to have judged that event 5+ times and even thrown several events with Deejay Hooch out in the UK. My boys David MexOne Alvarado Martin Mg Gilian & Miro Mk Krizan have been great supporters of FSS and I do my due diligence to show the same in return by supporting Outbreak Events as much as possible and support anything they all do. I’ve been in the back ground of Red Bull events since Lords of the Floor where I helped link a majority of the bboys that competed in that with the main promoters also was part of the foundation team that brought you Red Bull Beat Riders which in my opinion was one of the illest dance camps ever conceptualized by Prem Kumta and even helping Red Bull BC One since the first event in Switzerland when a few bboys backed out of competing there and I actually connected Omar of MZK up with the promoters there and he ended up winning the entire thing and of course to now where I stand as the online commentator alongside the homie Kevie KevChelles Battle Pro in France has been on my bucket list to attend last year I went out there but was late because I missed my first flight got there late but they been making a lot of noise in the scene.

So its a very iconic moment in the history of Bboy/Bgirl scene that we announce the connection of all these major events into one of the biggestWorld BBoy Series ever to happen. It’s surreal to know that what started with a dream to do something on a local scale with Freestyle Session has ultimately led up to this.

UDEF/ Pro Breaking Tour leading the charge here in the USA and Undisputed World Bboy Series taking charge internationally. It’s a very exciting time to be in this scene not only as a competitor but also a spectator and fan of the dance. I keep saying this but there is Strength in Numbers we all need to come together and really take hold of what we have its a special thing. I don’t think there is not one country in the world that hasn’t been effected by the dance and the movement of hip hop. Let’s take this to the next level….

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