The World B-Boy Series 2016 consists of 10 of the most renowned Solo B-Boy competitions around the globe. Each competition produces their own independently accredited world champion. The ten champions battle at the Undisputed World B-Boy Masters on the 28th of January 2017, Prague.

Undisputed World B-Boy Series 2016 competitions

March,  Chelles Battle Pro, Chelles, France
April, UK BBoy Championships, London, UK
May, Unbreakable, Antwerp, Belgium
July, Outbreak Europe, Banska Bystrica, Slovakia
August, The Notorious IBE, Heerlen, The Netherlands
October, Silverback Open Championships, Philadelphia, USA
October, Battle of the Year, Essen, Germany
November, Freestyle Session, Los Angelens, USA
December, Red Bull BC One, Nagoya, Japan
December, Taipei BBoy City, Taipeh, Taiwan

Undisputed World B-Boy Masters 2016
-28 january 2017, Prague, Czech Republic 


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