Freestyle Session

Freestyle Session sponsored by Monster Energy Drink & Silverback Bboy Events has been going on for 20 years and is the brainchild of CROS1 who in 1997 wasn’t entirely pleased with what was going on in his local scene in San Diego. So in the summer of 1997 he decided to throw his own. From the humble beginnings in San Diego to the over 32 countries worldwide the event has been thrown now Freestyle Session is one of the premier dance events in the world. Mainly a bboy/bgirl driven event the World Finals in Los Angeles every year have collaborated in bringing other styles to the forefront as well like Popping, All Style, House/Hip Hop, Locking and more. A work in progress every year can be slightly different then the last. The solo bboy/bgirl battle is a part of the Undisputed Bboy Series which highlights 9 of the biggest events in the world and each winner goes on to the Undisputed World Series to find out who is the best of the best. Freestyle Session is also a Champion Series event in the Pro Breaking Tour sanctioned by the non profit association UDEF. Come see some of the best dancers in the world battle head to head….

Official Name event: Freestyle Session
Date: TBA
City: Los Angeles
Country: USA

Part of Undisputed World B-Boy Series since 2014
2014 Undisputed 7 winner: El Nino – USA
2015 Undisputed 15 winner: Victor – USA
2016 Undisputed 24 winner: El Nino – USA
2017 Undisputed 32 winner: Thesis – USA
2018 No event


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