Issei wins Taipei Bboy City 2016

He does it again. Couple weeks after triumphing at the Red Bull BC One stage in Nagoya, Issei wins the last World Bboy Series event of the year, Taipei Bboy City. After beating Shigekix in the semifinale, Issei took the final battle against Skim of Jinjo Crew (South Korea). It took him 4 rounds to beat Skim. Final score was 3:1.  Issei is the double world champion and makes it even with Kuzya who won Unbreakable and Outbreak Europe world titles this year. Also, with 58 points, Issei gets the crown as the World Bboy Series 2016 ranking leader, since he entered five world championships this year and he won two of them (Red Bull BC One and Taipei Bboy City) and three times he ended up 2nd (Unbreakable, Silverback Open, and Freestyle Session). It looks like 2016 could be Issei’s year, but lets see what is going to happen at the ultimate finals of World Bboy Series on January 28, 2017 in Prague.


Since Issei won his second world championship, there is the second runner up making it to Prague’s Masters after Kleju of Polskee Flavour. This spot belongs to Kid Colombia of Hustle Kidz (The Netherlands).



Final line up for Prague’s finals (January 28, 2017):

Soso (France) – 2016 Battle Pro Champ
Sunni (United Kingdom) – 2016 UK Champs
Kuzya (Ukraine) – 2016 Unbreakable and Outbreak EU Champ
Victor (USA) – 2016 IBE Champ
Thesis (USA) – 2016 Silverback Open Champ
Bruce Almighty (Portugal / Russia) – 2016 Battle of the Year Champ
El Nino (USA) – 2016 Freestyle Session Champ
Issei (Japan) – 2016 Red Bull BC One Champ and Taipei Bboy City Champ
Kleju (Poland) – 1st Runner Up
Kid Colombia (The Netherlands) – 2nd Runner Up 


More info on Prague’s finals:

Final 2016 World Bboy Series – Top 16 

ranking-video_last-oneSee you in Prague on January 28, 2017