Kuzya strikes again

B-Boy Kuzya has done it again. After winning Unbreakable in Antwerp Belgium B-Boy Kuzya from the Break Nuts Crew out of Ukraine succeeded in securing another win in the 2016 Undisputed World BBoy Series.

At an amazing 2016 edition Outbreak Europe in Banska Bystrica Slovakia, Kuzya defeated B-Boy Sunni from the UK in a high level 5 round final and proved to be the strongest contender in a competition of more then 300 dancers. Once again B-Boy Kuzya was able to take home the win in an Undisputed event and leaving no doubt on his talent and skill. After his win at Unbreakable in May some people raised their eyebrows over this relatively unknown B-Boy from Ukraine winning a major international competition. But with his second win in the Undisputed World B-Boy Series it became clear Kuzya has nested himself in the top of international competition breaking and proved to be a name to reckoned with. If Kuzya manages to keep his level 2016 just might be his year. Next stop of the Undisputed World B-Boy Series is The Notorious IBE in Heerlen, The Netherlands. An event Kuzya has already announced he will also be competing in.