Lussy Sky wins Undisputed at Toulouse Battle Pro

Lussy Sky from Ukraine is the winner of the Undisputed solo battle that took place at “Battle Pro” on the 3rd of March in Toulouse France. An impressive line up of 16 dancers from different 14 countries participated in the first Undisputed World B-Boy Series event of the 2017 season.  The line up was good mixture of experienced dancers like Tonio from France and Dr Hill from Mexico and a good number of talented youngsters like Karam (uk), Justen (hol), Onel (Greece) and Leony from Brasil. In the 3 round final battle Lussy Sky beat Denyrock from Russia 3-0 taking the win back home to the city of Lviv in Ukraine. Lussy Sky is the first champion qualified to represent at the Undisputed World B-Boy Masters which will be held in January 2018 in California, USA.

Footage of the Toulouse Battle Pro Undisputed Final

Final battle Toulouse Battle Pro 2017: Lussy Sky vs Deny Rock

Gepostet von World BBoy Classic am Freitag, 3. März 2017