The fifth season of the Undisputed World Bboy Series is here. We decided to expand the series with three more events this year to have the total number of 12 Undisputed events in 2018. First event to add will be The Legits Blast winter festival that will take place on March 9-10, 2018 in Prague, Czech Republic. We will update with two new events as the season progresses.

Also, we decided to upgrade the official title for Undisputed events with numbers.  This will ease up the search for a particular event and will give each event its own identity.  In addition, the Masters events will be labeled with Roman numbers.

To make it more clear, please see the stats below.

Season 2014
8 Championship events (Undisputed 1 – 8)
Undisputed Masters I – London

Season 2015
8 Championship events (Undisputed 9 – 16)
Undisputed Masters II – Marseille

Season 2016
10 Championship events (Undisputed 17 – 26)
Undisputed Masters III – Prague

Season 2017
9 Championship events (Undisputed 27 – 35)
Undisputed Masters IV – San Diego

Season 2018
12 Championship events (Undisputed 36 – 47)
Undisputed Masters V – Location TBA

In other words, after Lille Battle Pro (Undisputed 36), the next event will take place at The Legits Blast winter festival which will be Undisputed 37.

New Season = New Changes
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