Renegade explains why to judge after every round

We have established that the popular view is that battles are judged round for round. Look at how different the results are when the votes are taken at the END of the battle or after EACH ROUND. Let it sink in…

Look at this matrix. 2 dancers. 5 judges. 5 rounds each dancer.

The vertical result represents the way things are done now. Each judge gives a final decision. Red wins. It’s corrupt. You have no idea what is happening behind the scenes. It’s not transparent and you could never get qualitative feedback as to why you may have lost a particular round.

The horizontal represents the future. Each judge gives a decision at the end of each round. Blue wins. This way is far more transparent and it’s harder to cheat. You can get focused feedback and also have “best of” type rounds where the battle ends when you win the majority.

In other news, you had enough rest. Talk to me. Except if you’re not interested. Then just scroll past. Hahaha

Kevin “Renegade” Gopie





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