Taipei B-Boy City 2017 – Youth Olympics & Undisputed

Looking for a last event to visit before the closing of the year?  You should seriously consider to a visit to this year’s Taipei BBoy City on the first weekend of december. Besides the Undisputed and the “Breaking for Gold” Youth Olympics Qualifier this year’s two day festival has lots to offer. Check it out:

Friday december 01
*Open Practise
*Talkshow ft. Mounir , Bootuz , Katsu One , AT, Bmouth
*HWE lecture by Mounir
*Breaking workshop by Storm

Venue: HRC Main Studio, B1,No.299, Sec. 4, Zhongxiao E. Rd., Da’an Dist., Taipei City 106, Taiwan

Saturday december 02
*Breaking for Gold, Youth Olympics Qualifier
*RF Jam B-Boy 5 vs 5
venue: Taipei Expo Park, No.91, Sec. 3, Zhongshan N. Rd., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City 104, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Sunday december 03
*Zulu Nation 44th Anni x Beat Square x Street Fiesta
Venue: Taipei Cinema Park, No.19, Kangding Rd., Wanhua Dist., Taipei City 108, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
***(Day2 informations) Zulu Nation 44th Beat Square Street Fiesta :

Event poster:
Taipei Bboy City 2016 trailer:
Taipei Bboy City 2016 higlight:
Official hotel recommendations:

Tickets & Sign up
On line sale:
On line sign up: (leave crew name & contact email or number)

Foreigners can buy tickets at the door then register, all the RF 5vs5 competitors need to buy ticket.
Its 800NT Dollars at the door including watch the show day & night.

For YOG bboys/bgirls, you must need to register at HRC main Studio at 5pm on 1st December. We will have a welcome open discussion from 5:30pm~7:30pm. Then 10am register at the venue “Taipei Expo Park” on 2nd December.
***YOG bboys/bgirls 10AM register on event day!!!

For RF Jam 5vs5 bboys/bgirls, you must need to register at the venue “Taipei Expo Park” during 11am-12pm.


Taipei Bboy City World Final 2017, an international Bboy dance competition that originated in Taiwan. We will go forth and visit different countries in Asia every year, to discover and cultivate dancers who show passion and talent, Our other goal on these trips is to show the world their countries and cities, including cultural ways of life specific to them. We are welcoming all excellent dancers from every country to come mingle, exchange view points, and dance styles with us.

This year,we will host a two-days event. Day1 is a official competition format working with Undisputed 1vs1 & Youth Olympic Game Breaking Asia/Oceania Qualification &RF Jam Bboy 5vs5. Day2 will be a block party/real Hip Hop Jam working with Zulu 44th Asia Anniversary/Doobiest Street Festival/Beat Sqaure 7yrs Anniversary. We are sincerely welcome your coming!!!

Youth Olympic Games Asia/Oceania
╠ Storm (Germany)
╠ Renegade (UK)
╠ Bgirl Narumi (Japan)
╠ Bgirl AT (Finland)
╚ Katsu One (Japan)

R.F Jam Bboy 5vs5
╠ G1 (Thailand)
╠ LilDragon (Taiwan)
╠ Danny (China)
╠ Felix (Singapore)
╚ ChaCha (Hong Kong)

Undisputed B-Boy 1 vs 1
╠ Storm (Germany)
╠ Renegade (UK)
╠ Bgirl Narumi (Japan)
╠ Skim (Korea)
╚ Gino (Taiwan)

Guest for R.F Jam Bboy 5vs5
╠ Reformerz Crew (Taiwan)
╠ Team Japan
╚ Team Brazil

Line up: Undisputed Top 16 B-Boys:
╠ LussySky (Navi Crew/Ukraine)
╠ Kareem (Rock Force Crew/USA)
╠ Clil (Laobangfai/Laos)
╠ Wingzero (Foundnation/Japan)
╠ Aslan aka Bootuz (Predatorz Crew/Russia)
╠ Vero (JinJo Crew/Korea)
╠ Kid Colombia (Hustlekidz/Holland)
╠ Mounir (Vagabonds Crew/France)
╠ Baoz (HRC BBOY/Taiwan)
╠ Bmouth (Formosa/Taiwan)
╠ Noe (Vagabonds Crew/France)
╠ WillyRoc (Top Coalition/Taiwan)
╠ Btrix (11Highlow/Thailand)
╠ iLyes (Arabic Flavor.Hot Clan/France)
╠ Kaneki (Soulmatez Crew/Nepal)
╚ Sky (Dream Runnerz/Taiwan)

╠ HRC (Taiwan)
╠ IP LOCKERS (Taiwan)
╚ Aboriginal Unity (Taiwan)

╠ Jeng 恩熙俊 (HRC/Taiwan)
╠ Super DD (Bboyworld Asia/China)
╠ Realgon (Hentai Breakers/Taiwan)
╠ Felix (Radikal Forze/Singapore)
╚ Battle DOG (KGB/Taiwan)

╠ Just A Kid (Germany)
╠ Chicano (Beat Square/Taiwan)
╠ Pilizhao (Taiwan)
╠ Double P (Endless Crew/Taiwan)
╚ Glider (KGB/Taiwan)

Special Rules
╠ Baby (under 2yrs old) no need tickets.
╠ Disability & old man tickets please
╠ No video recording / No smoking
╚ For English