Toulouse Battle Pro kicks of Undisputed World BBoy Series 2017

This weekend Toulouse Battle Pro in France will be the first event to kick off the 2017 Undisputed World B-Boy Series.

Now in its 4th year since its inception in 2014 the Undisputed has become the biggest events series in Breaking attracting competitors from all corners of the world and thousands of spectators to witness the highest level of competition Breaking on an epic scale. Nine iconic world B-Boy championships in America, Europa and Asia have confirmed their participation in the 2017 World B-Boy Series. Their champions will meet at the Undisputed World B-Boy Masters which will take place in California USA in January 2018.

DSC_9899_WEBKleju from Poland at Undisputed World B-Boy Masters in Prague, picture by Little Shao (fra)

Undisputed World B-Boy Series events and dates:

-March 03 – Toulouse Battle Pro in Toulouse, France
-April 08/09 – UK B-Boy Championships in London, UK
-April 22 – Unbreakable in Antwerpen, Belgium
-July 28/30 – Outbreak Europe in Banska Bystrica, Slovakia
-August 05/06 – The Notorious IBE in Heerlen, The Netherlands
-August 26/27 – Freestyle Session Undisputed edition in Los Angeles, USA
-October 07/08 – Silverback Open Championships in Philadelphia, USA
-October 20/21 – Battle of the Year in Essen, Germany
-Date TBA – Taipei B-Boy City in Taipei, Taiwan

Undisputed World B-Boy Masters
-Date TBA – Location in California, USA

Toulouse Battle Pro
The first event in the series will be Toulouse Battle Pro. 16 dancers from 15 countries will be battling for that first ticket to the Undisputed World B-Boy Masters in California in 2018. The Undisputed at Toulouse Battle pro takes place at he Saint-orens shopping Mall in Toulouse. The battles start at 18:00 hrs and the entrance is free.