Toulouse Battle Pro

Traditionally Battle Pro is the first event in the Undisputed World B-Boy Series. After Chelles and Marseille the Battle Pro now set foot in Toulouse for an amazing weekend full of international world class Breaking. This year Battle Pro presents the most international line up for the Undisputed solo competition. 16 B-Boys from 14 different countries around the globe will battle for the Toulouse Battle Pro Championship and a ticket to the Undisputed World B-Boy Masters in California in January 2018.

Toulouse Battle Pro line up:
– Tata, USA
– Justen, Holland
– Simo, Morocco
– Sniper, Peoples republic of China
– Miracle Smile, Austria
– Lunatic, Korea
– Lussy Sky, Ukraine
– Denyrock, Russia
– Kid Karam, USA
– Onel, Greece
– Wen, Switzerland
– Leony, Brazil
– Tonio, France
– Sofian, France
– Eagle One, Korea
– Double D, Germany

– Roxrite, USA
– Dyzee, Canada
– Mounir, France

Location and time
Centre Commercial Saint-Orens
Battles start at 18:00 hrs.

Free Entrance