Unbreakable Line Up

Unbreakable is the latest event to join the Undisputed World B-Boy Series. The top 16 line up for the solo battle is not complete yet but it’s  looking very promising.
Please check the Unbreakable website for the latest event info and updates.

Top 16 
Confirmed BBoys
1. Sunni – UK
2. Illz – Canada
3. Issei – Japan
4. Jazz – Brasil
5. Kleju – Poland
6. Lagaet – Portugal
7. Minnesota Joe – USA
8. T-Rock – Belgium
9. TBA
10. TBA
11. TBA
12. TBA
13. TBA
14. Wildcard Qualifier
15. Wildcard Qualifier

Wildcard Qualifier
For the first time Unbreakable will have 2 open spots in the line-up. You can qualify for this spots on the day of the event. The only way to get this spot is to participate in The Unbreakable crew vs crew battle!!! The judges will pick 2 B-Boys from the crew battle.

AT – Finland
Extremo – Spain
Mario Bee – Holland

Hippo – Belgium
Whyfly – Belgium
Nobunaga – Holland

Trix – UK
Max – Portugal