Undisputed Masters V – Full Info

Sous l’égide de la fédération royale des sports aérobic et fitness danse hip-hop. En partenariat avec l’institut Français de Marrakech

Supported by de Royal federation of aerobics and fitness and hip hop dance in partnership with the French Instutute Marrakech.

Institute Francais Marrakech
Route de Targa, Marrakech 40000, Morocco

18:00 – 19:30 hrs
*Gratuit sur inscription / Free entrance with registration

19:45 – 20:45 hrs
*Gratuit sur inscription / Free entrance with registration

21:00 – 22:30 hrs
*Gratuit sur inscription / Free entrance with registration

14:30 – 17:30 hrs
*uniquement pour les danseurs marocains / for moroccan participants only

2 vs 2 BATTLE (open)
14:30 – 17:30 hrs
*le public peux assister librement sans inscription pour le 1 vs 1 qualification Maroc et 2 vs 2.
*Free admission for audience to see the 1 vs 1 and 2 vs 2 Battles



Ouverture des portes / Doors Open 19h30
Début de la compétition / Start of the competition: 20h

Undisputed Masters competitors:
Phil Wizzard, Canada
Dany Dan, France
Cheerito Russia
Onel Greece
Lil G Venezuela
Issei Japan
Greku Poland
Kuzya Ukraine
Wildcard winner

*Stripes & Victore USA, injured/not able to attend

Freeze, Sweden
Lil Zoo, Morocco
Mounir, France
Movie 1, Spain
Lagaet, Portugal

MC’s / DJ
MC Momoze, France
MC Mario Bee, Holland
DJ Renegade

Undisputed Masters V – info and competition rules
Throughout 2018, Breakers from all around the world competed in eight championship events that collectively make up the Undisputed World B-Boy Series. The winners of each of the eight events are invited to the Undisputed Masters which is held in a different city each year at the end of the series. After London, Marseille, Prague and San Diego the 5th edition of the Undisputed Masters will take place in the beautiful city of Marrakech on January 18th-19th, 2019.

In each event the top 16 competitors are rewarded points for the Undisputed ranking. The number of points you receive increases the further you advance in the tournament. The winners of the events in the series automatically qualify for the Masters event. The ranking leader if not a champion, is also invited to the Masters event. This year an additional wildcard will be rewarded to the winner of the local competition that will be held the day before the Undisputed Masters.

The 2018 World BBoy Series events were:
-Lille Battle Pro – France
-Legits Winter Blast – Czech Republic
-Unbreakable – Belgium
-Outbreak – Slovakia
-The Notorious IBE – The Netherlands
-Green Panda – China
-Silverback Open – USA
-Battle of the Year – France
-Taipei BBoy City – Taiwan

Undisputed Masters competition rules
– The 9 competitors will be divided over 3 groups; Group A, B and C.

– The competitors in each group will do a Round-Robin style battle. This means there will be 3 battles for each group; each competitor battling twice.

– The battles will be 3 rounds each. You will be rewarded 1 point for each round you win.

– There are 5 judges. You win a round by collecting the majority of the 5 judges votes after every round.

– Since each competitor will have 2 battles, there are a total of 6 points they can collect from their group and a total of 30 judge votes.

– The competitor who wins the most rounds out of Group A, B, and C will qualify for the Semi-Final. Whoever wins the most rounds out of all the groups, outside of the Top 3, will qualify as the 4th person.

– In the event competitors have equal points in rounds, the total number of collected judge votes between them decides who will advance to the semi-final.

– In the event competitors are tied in points in rounds and judge votes, the competitors who tied will have to do an extra battle.

– The semi-final and final battle will be normal K.O. elimination battles.

The Undisputed Masters V competitors:
1. Issei from Japan – Undisputed 36 winner at Lille Battle Pro, France
2. Greku from Poland – Undisputed 37 winner, at Legits Winter Blast, Czech Republik
3. Cheerito from Russia – Undisputed 39 winner at Outbreak, Slovakia
4. Phil Wizzard from Canada – Undisputed 40 winner at The Notorious IBE, Holland
5. Lil G from Venezuela – Undisputed 41 winner at Green Panda, Beijing, China
6. Dany Dann fromFrance – Undisputed 43 winner at Battle of the Year, France
7. Onel from Greece – Undisputed 44 winner at Taipei BBoy City, Taiwan
8. Kuzya from Ukraine – winner of the 2018 Undisputed ranking.
9. TBA – winner of the wildcard battle

– Stripes from USA – Undisputed 38 winner at Unbreakable, Belgium
– Victor from USA – Undisputed 42 winner at Silverback Open