Undisputed World Bboy Masters 2016 Presale is on!

Presale just dropped! On January 28, 2017 World Bboy Series will make its last stop in Prague, Czech Republic for the ultimate Undisputed World Bboy Masters featuring 9 world champions and 2016 runner up.  The Masters will take place as part of The Legits Blast winter festival (January 27 – 29, 2017).

January 27. – Cypher jam + 1vs1 Footwork (300€ + prizes)/ Warm Up Party
January 28 – Undisputed World Bboy Masters 2016 / Concerts / Afterparty
January 29 – Rep Your Crew (crew battles- 5 members and up)(2000€ + prizes)

You can check detailed schedule, full line up  and all the info here: http://worldbboy.org/2016-finals/

Presale link:
Click HERE

Current line for Prague’s Masters:

Please note that Kleju (Poland) replaces Taisuke (Japan) as the second highest ranked runner up due to Taisuke’s unavailability.
We will learn the last name to complete the line on December 17, when the last championship of the series, Taipei Bboy City, will take place.


Enjoy the pre-teaser: